Saturday, May 07, 2005

Door-to-door Religion

It was a delightful morning. A large cup of coffee. Bathrobe. Bed-head. You get the picture. My doorbell rings. The other members of my family were occupied with other things so I answered the door. I was greeted by two gentleman wearing suits, carrying Bibles, and handing out tracks about the coming great apocalypse.

I don't mind when sectarian religious folks come to my door. Even though it can be a bother, I'm delighted to have meaningful conversation with someone about something as important as God, faith, and how to escape hell. I wish more people in my church would like to talk about such things. Perhaps the reason we don't is my fault? Anyway, it seems like all we talk about in church is whether we made the budget this week and whether or not last week's service went too long. These may be important, but I can understand why no one in my church would want to go door-to-door on a cold Saturday morning asking people in their bathrobes what they think about church budgets and the length of the worship service.

Door-to-door religion requires us to be passionate about the questions that matter to people. The two gentlemen in suits and ties could see my growing discomfort as we stood in my door. I think they cut their speech short on my account. After exchanging pleasantries, they turned and walked away. I marvel at the dedication it takes to get up on a Saturday morning, put on your Sunday best and ring the doorbells of folks who would rather you didn't to talk about things like God, faith, and damnation. I don't know what their success rate is, but the next time I'm standing around after church talking with someone about the uncharacteristic warm weather in Western New York, I may just bring up God, faith, and damnation for a change just to see what happens.


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