Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How to Ruin a Good Game of Golf

Every day, I receive an e-mail from the Bruderhof called "Your Daily Dig." The quotes are from a variety of religious persons both living and dead. They are almost always thoughtful and frequently call me to deeper levels of faith and faithfulness. Occasionally, the quotations hit a little too close to home. When that happens, I don't like them very much. This morning I log-on to my computer with the intention of checking my e-mail prior to leaving for an anticipated game of golf with some colleagues. The weatherman was predicting warm weather. And as I'm about to grab my clubs and get in my car, I decide to read my "daily dig" from Bruderhof before I leave. Who knows the positive impact it might have on my golf game? I read the following quote from Dorothy Day: "Loving your neighbor means living in voluntary poverty, stripping yourself, putting off the old Adam, denying yourself, etc. It also means non-participation in those comforts and luxuries which have been manufactured by the exploitation of others. While our brothers and sisters suffer, we must be compassionate with them, suffer with them. While they suffer from lack of necessities, we will refuse to enjoy comforts."

I wish Dorothy Day would have come another day. If it's any consolation, I didn't have a very good round of golf. If you would like to have The Bruderhof's "Daily Dig" ruin a good game of golf, you may subscribe to their free daily reflection at: http://dailydig.bruderhof.org


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Barb Hungerford said...

Don't you hate it when something like that happens? Reminds me of the book entitled, "Golf -- A Good Walk Spoiled."


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