Monday, May 23, 2005

"I Read to Know I'm not Alone"

I read alot. I can't explain it. When others spend their free time doing things normal people do, I grab one of a half-a-dozen books that I'm reading at any one time. My favorite quote of all time comes from the movie about C.S. Lewis entitled, "Shadowlands", where Lewis says, "I read to know that I'm not alone". I'm not sure that this is entirely true for me, but at the very least I can say, "I read because I don't have anything better to do."

Reading is becoming a lost art. The increased pace of our lives, the speed of change, the necessity of digesting important information in bite-sized amounts has resulted in culture that prefers the "USA Today" to the "New York Times Review of Books". "Give me my information fast and already chewed so I don't have to spend any additional time discerning the truth," is the unspoken sentiment of most in our culture.

I don't know whether books will go the way of the dinosaur or not with the eventual success of some kind of electronic book format (so far none appears to have caught on). And I don't know what normal people do with all those wasted moments that fill an ordinary day. But one thing I know, I will continue to buy and read books because I can think of a whole lot of other activities that would be worse. Who knows, I might even learn a thing or two in the process?


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