Monday, May 02, 2005

Why I Hate Mondays

I drag myself out of bed. When my spouse greets me with a warm good-morning, I grunt in response. After a cup of tea and hot shower, I drag myself to my office wondering to myself if McDonald's is hiring this week. There's no particular reason why my Monday's regularly look like this that I can think of other than the fact that Monday immediately follows Sunday.

Sunday is the pinnacle of a pastor's week. Whether one worships in a dwindling congregation on Sunday at eleven, or one is responsible for six weekend services with more people than you know what to do with, Sunday is why we pastors exist. Whether the organist was sick and the music was pathetic, or the contemporary worship team leads the congregation to new heights of intimacy with God, Sundays are the anchor of our experience. Whether people enjoyed the well-prepared and thoughtful sermon the pastor preaches, or were agitated with a reference to something that hits too close to home, Sundays are central to the rhythm of a pastor's life.

Mondays for pastors are the equilivent to the day after the Superbowl. After the dust settles, people return to the ordinariness of their lives. There are phone calls to return, and bills to pay. Every Monday, I'm reminded that my life does not follow the same rhythm as businessmen and women, teachers, and auto-mechanics. Every Monday, I come to the stark realization that I am called to do this all over again in a mere seven days. And I wonder whether God will give me the stamina for yet another sermon, another prayer, another journey into the mystery of worship. So far, God hasn't let me down.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger theultrarev said...

See ... now this is why I called you out to blog. I knew this was in you. Unless of course it's your wife writing for you and you just pirate her material, which would certainly be believable.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger theultrarev said...

I rolled out of bed today at 9:35 am and arrived at the office at 10:05 am just in time for our 10 am staff meeting. I hate Mondays because they follow very long Sundays.

Yesterday I did sermon prep from 6-8 am, preached at 8 & 10 am, left church by 12:30 pm for a couple hours, came back & setup for ¬°alive@5!, led the service and then youth group from 6:30-8 pm, finished conversations and cleaned up and left the church by 9:22 pm, had a glass of wine by 10 pm.

That just makes for a long-ass day, so by today, I can hardly finish a sentence. That's why I hate Mondays.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger BJBergfalk said...

Blogging is for middle-aged post-modern wannabees. That's why I blog.

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why I hate Mondays" Do you remember the song by the Boomtown Rats called, "I don't like Mondays" They were from the 80s.It's all about a girl who gets so upset and disgruntle with her school she walks in and starts shooting. This happen in the late 1970s before school shooting were sensationalize by the media and the goal was not to make a big deal of such a great tragedy in hopes it would such disappear.
The chorus goes like this...."Tell me why? 'I don't like Mondays I wanna shoot the whole day down.'"

Often as a pastor, I have sung this song to myself like this...."Tell me why? I don't like Sundays. I wanna shoot the whole day down." Now don't worry, I won't ever bring a gun to church, but sometimes when I come home from church I have to ask myself, "What just happen?"
When I look out and see that people are not truly worshipping, I get disgusted. I get disgusted when I see people tolerating the contemporary worship because at least there at church. I get disgusted when ushers show up once a month to preform there church duty. I get disgusted because people lack real commitment to the church.
There's another line to this song:"Now the silcon chip in side her head has been switched to over load. And no one's going to go to school today. She's going to make them all stay at home. And Daddy doesn't understand it. He always said she's as good as gold. And you can see no reasons because there are no reasons. what reason do you need to die?"
Perhaps that's what I would like to ask my church, "What reason do you need to die?"


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