Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bread and Stone

A friend of mine who writes poetry let's me read his poems as he finishes them. I admire his ability to use words to convey meaning that transcends the words themselves. Since I am not a poet, I offer his most recent poem (with his permission).

So different
So alike

When Jesus held the loaf in his hands
Did he hesitate, like I would have,
Before breaking it in two?
Did his heart tremble?
His life torn into human and divine

Did his hands shake holding the bread?
The bowelsof the earth seizing and
Strangling his own from below

...take this bread
He broke the loaf
The applause of whips,
Nails, gnarled tongues

...and eat
The body dropped divinity and bled
Simple crumbs tumbling from torn bread

...take this cup
Humanity sagging on cross-beams
Heaven hanging low

...and drink
A tender heart drowning
Like bread soaked in wine this
The heart of the world
Weighted, hollow
Submerged, dry memory of me
The bread broke
The earth quaked
Stones cracked

A body loaf rose
From gripping hardened hands

Things so alike
So different
Bread and stone


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